Hello world!

So with the help of a friend it was decided that my musical outlet should take me into new and exciting paths. In letting go of performing I embraced my love for music by dedicating myself to sharing music that I love and new music that others need to hear.

The beauty of music is that it reaches beyond what mere words can convey. Add a melody to ordinary words and all of a sudden those ordinary words become captivating and strike you in ways that they never did before or will again. Think of how many times you hear a song and reminisce about that one road trip, vacation, kiss, dance, and uhm-uhm, other fine moments.

Musically we all have our preferences and go to songs. Most of us prefer one or two genres and even dislike one or two. Yet, it never fails, you can be an avid Country fan and hear an old school Rob Base song, and nearly break out into a Kid n Play routine like you had a high-top fade yourself! That’s the power of music. It can connect us beyond what we’ve typically confined ourselves too.

In summation, 8 Bars of Funk is about sharing anything and everything I can get my ears around. Know of a concert coming up? Share it! Think somebody deserves some airtime? Message me! I’m probably won’t cover the next album of a current multi-platinum artist but i’d love to help pub a future multi-platinum artist. If everything goes well maybe your favorite unheard of artist won’t be a secret much longer. So don’t hesitate to share.

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BeEasy!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     -Sonny Flex

The artists will appreciate your feedback and your thoughts are worth the time, so please comment!

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