Young Tre

"Ready to show, every show, because I'll go 100% to make my dreams happen. That's the only way." - Young Tre The above quote was actually an answer to the question I posed Young Tre, (middle-left, blue wristband). The Q: "What would you say to a fan 10 years from now when they're looking up to... Continue Reading →

Kaia Chesney

Looking for something fresh that's got a throwback feel? Then look no further than Kaia Chesney.  She's got the kind of voice that will get you listening with your eyes closed or losing track of time, watching the rain fall, decompressing from the day. She can take you to a place where time loses its... Continue Reading →


"Being negative takes a lot of energy and i'm too lazy for that." #shortying. That's what is known in the local dance scene as "shortying." A straight out the club, gogo dancing, DJ spinning homage to enjoying life in one of the coolest mantras ever! It does put an updated twist on "Forgive and Forget," but DJ... Continue Reading →

ELEMENTary Hip-Hop Skool

"4 Elements Strong!" - HHPJ Can you name the 4 elements of Hip-Hop? WITHOUT USING THE INTERNET! No big deal if you can't, Hip-Hop welcomes the new and encourages learning of all elements.  If Hip-Hop is lucky enough, one will embrace all elements and fall in love with one of them, becoming a specialist in urban... Continue Reading →

The Kennedy’s

"Evolve or Die!" - The Kennedys First we had EPMD. Then came Das EFX. Next was Outkast. May I now present: The Kennedys. Click on their name above, cruise their vids, download their songs, take your time I'll be here.... got it yet?! Great now that you're a fan, here's what the music wont tell... Continue Reading →

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