The Kennedy’s

“Evolve or Die!” – The Kennedys

First we had EPMD. Then came Das EFX. Next was Outkast. May I now present: The Kennedys.

Click on their name above, cruise their vids, download their songs, take your time I’ll be here…. got it yet?! Great now that you’re a fan, here’s what the music wont tell you. The Kennedys “Glory” is the pursuit of excellence. Their desire to put a duo on top ala Jay-Z lyrically, Kanye rhythmically and Fabulous in relevance, is what separates this group from most artists/groups at this phase of the game. In seven years time, where most would’ve given up and/or moved on to other things, things feel right on pace for the Army of Two. Yet for J.A.Millionz and Mat-trix this has been a blink of the eye compared to their vision of times to come.

There are some guidelines which they don’t bend on. They must agree on a beat, period. Although a prospect may be shelved for later review, if they are going to put lyrics on a track they must agree on the beat. Although others may say, “okay if you give me this one, i’ll owe you one later,” that doesn’t fly here. Is compromise bad? No, of course not, but if everything is open to compromise then where is the standard? So this is one of their rules that pretty much define every step they take and every song they make.

The Kennedys haven’t grown overnight nor is it luck that will take them to the top.  It’s been a process and if it continues these guys will be able to share a stage with Jay-Z, Kanye, or Fabulous. The credit is due their work ethic and in their own words “Evolve or Die!” This Mantra will carry them far.

Much love exudes from the group for the love & support shown by all thus far. They seem to have a good base of fans that not only tell them what they do like but also what they don’t like. The way they see it criticism can only make you stronger and haters are only doing their job, so why should The Kennedys stop doing theirs.

At this point the build up points to a mixtape but that is still being developed and a summer release was talked about as a possibility. If you can’t wait until that time, here is what you need to know…For booking info hit em up at To join as a fan you can click this Reverb link, Facebook link or Twitter link.

BeEasy!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     -Sonny Flex

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