Young Tre

“Ready to show, every show, because I’ll go 100% to make my dreams happen. That’s the only way.” – Young Tre

The above quote was actually an answer to the question I posed Young Tre, (middle-left, blue wristband). The Q: “What would you say to a fan 10 years from now when they’re looking up to you wondering how you achieved success?” He went on to define his answer by stating that If everyone in the world stopped caring about what he did, his mother wouldn’t just support him, she would push him to reach his goals. So any acknowledgment that he receives he directly attributes to her belief in his work and that’s why he’ll make it. Kinda nice.

Musically I went round and round on his style. Lupe FiascoMarcus Manchild & Childish Gambino are among the artists he admires. These influences do bear a resemblance to his style in terms of an even paced flow and telling a story. I recognize smooth tonal inflections like 2 Pac and Pharrell with the grace of tying a song together like a mashup of The D.O.C. and Too Short. The West Coast seems to put out smooth lyrically gifted rappers and Young Tre is aiming to be the next big hit. He is set apart from anyone else completely and at the end of the day these other artists can only be cited as reference.

Creatively and originality rate a 10 across the board. Young Tre has been pushing himself hard since his days growing up a troublemaker in Dallas. As the self-proclaimed “least talented” of his old group he dug himself into self-development as a writer and beat-making guru. Never satisfied with where he was drove him to become one of the cities finest young talents. His early dedication to writing almost every day on anything and everything have brought him a long way.

Cops and Robbers is what may have thrust him into a limelight more than any other song and this track has an interesting story behind it. It was written for a theme night at a club, dismissed by the GM but picked up by the DJ spinning for the event and this song set it off. Goes to show how important a good DJ is and the irony here is that same GM ran the club into the ground. Get to Young Tre’s next show and you’ll also witness his crew, Clux & Fries, wrecking the stage. A crew getting hype and moving the crowd is a vastly underrated asset and this clique brings it every night all night! Peep them the next time their out and you’ll overstand.

I highly recommend getting with Young Tre via Facebook or ReverbNation. If the past projects the future you may want to get at the next show before access becomes limited. It is quite possible for him to share a stage with the likes of a Childish Gambino someday soon. In my humble opinion this is a forgone conclusion and will happen! You’d be wise to get your listens in now before concert tickets are hard to come by.

BeEasy!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     -Sonny Flex

The artists will appreciate your feedback and your thoughts are worth the time, so please comment!

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