“Don’t let it stay a mistake! Get humble & stay grindin!” – JW CTE

This is the inner mantra that drives JW. If you know his story than it would explain a lot on how he is where he is and indicative of how far he will go. Truth is, JW has no ceiling apparent. Next Sean Combs music mogul? Perhaps. Maybe he will take up the torch from Jermaine Dupri ushering in a new era of a “Grade A Hustla” straight from the south. Get at him if you doubt me. All the tools are in the toolbox it’s just a matter of time.

If you could mix the delivery of Trick Daddy, with the subtlety of Big Pun and the aggression of the Wu-Tang Clan, you’d come about half-way to creating “The Total Package” aka JW CTE. Music aside he will not fit in the box labeled rapper or artist. He is a student of entertainment, promotion, advertising and is completely focused on accomplishing all of his goals. In talking with him I came away with one word… “Driven.”

Look no further than “Arrogant” to view the swag. I don’t like using that word but in JW’s case it is appropriate. He knows Section 8, government cheese, kool-aid that had colors not flavors cuz the sugar was in short supply. Brash, over the top, harsh, conceited are all words that his haters will throw out there about him. He won’t deny it. Ask him what drives him and he’ll point to all of this as his motivation.

JW has seen the ugly side of human nature even in himself. He dealt with a heavy issue a few years back that could’ve made him just another statistic. Instead of staying knocked-down, JW got back on his hustle but with an entirely different mindset….”Beat the odds.” Taking care of the business at hand is built around staying balanced. Never to high, never to low and always moving forward. Being that he is a father also, the motivation to suceed is all around him. The South has got another smash artist on it’s hands and his name is JW CTE.

Stay up wit JW via his Website, Facebook, TwitterReverbNation, YouTube and SoundCloud.

BeEasy!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     -Sonny Flex

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