Celena Santa Cruz

“Here to stay & I don’t plan on going anywhere!” – Celena Santa Cruz

For Celena, the mantra above isn’t just bravado. This is an inner-motivational tool that helps her to overcome a well disguised shyness missed by most. Her dedication to her music is dominant throughout any conversation had with her. Try to convince her of anything other than fulfilling her dream and she’ll end up convincing you otherwise.

When I meet up with Celena I had no idea where she was musically or where she came from. Her tracks that I had listened to had consistent beats but at times the vocals seemed raw and other times she showed flashes of brilliance. Intriguing to say the least. For most musicians the two most common starting points are when they start coming into their own in high school ala “nurture.” Others are getting started shortly after getting off Gerber ala “nature.” Turns out she had a little of both but by any standards would be considered a late bloomer. For Celena, her time didn’t come until after high school.

Fast forward a couple of years and she’s being recognized by more and more people with every show. To me this isn’t what makes her note-worthy. Her desire to grow is what will propel her. In talking with Celena, I was taken aback, because even before I could offer my critique to her, she had already openly admitted what she needed to work on. All of these things were what I was going to point out. It’s rare to find an artists that is so self-aware and willing to accept doing whatever it takes in terms of self-improvement.

If you need that upbeat, party-anthem, joy-ride of a song then Celena is your girl. Celena’s sound is a hybrid of her influences – Pop, R&B and Soul all are contained within each track. Currently she is pursuing avenues of growth artistically and is dedicated to adding tools to the toolbox, so to speak. Keeping up with her won’t be easy though as she is actively performing an average of once a month. If your interested in the attending her next show, she has one this Sunday May 20th @ DV8 for the Bellezza Summer Lights, Camera, Fashion Show. Additionally, keep up with her on Facebook, Twitter, ReverbNation & YouTube

BeEasy!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     -Sonny Flex

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