Alisha Peru

“…If I can truly touch even just one person with my music, I’ll know that I’ve done something beautiful with my life.” – Alisha Peru  You can hear it in her lyrics and her voice. She means this. Alisha is an artist whose production is beyond what age & time traditionally reveal. She is as firmly planted in who she artistically, and appears to be on the right path. Upper-registry sometimes loses support, an occasianal crack or off-key slide is produced, but she very rarely strays beyond her range. Truth is – this type of result actually enhances her sound. I prefer to loop an artists songs at least 2-3 times, if  possible, but the limited offering of songs on ReverbNation & her website begin to overlap. I began to feel like the forgotten soundtrack songs of The Vow & The Notebook had invaded my headphones. Seriously though, melodramatic songs aren’t something I’m wired for over the long haul. Must be an XY chromosome thing. Whatever. Point is she’s got a smooth, almost jazz-like styling that is perfectly suited for a live show/concert. (see videos for examples)

Her “produced” sound is exquisite but don’t let that fool you into thinking she doesn’t have the goods. She is an artist and this becomes glaringly apparent if you can get to her live performance. Alisha’ talent is on full display with skills on the keys that match her all-out vocals.  More good news – when you go to see her next show, you are pre-qualified to use one of these adjectives for free!…Raw, Powerful, Gritty, Inspiring, Fantastic and/or Wow! Don’t worry about returning it. It’s my gift to you. Now I’m speaking without knowledge of Disney’s business practices, but I get the feeling this is what they wished their talent had turned into. Being that fame does not equal talent, Alisha would vocally blow all of their fails out the water. Grab any of their “starlets” and their best song and it wont stack up against any song of Alisha’. Lindsay Lohan-negative; Selena Gomez-nope; Demi Lovato-uh, uh; Miley Cyrus-hardly; Ashley Tisdale-BWAHAHA; Vanessa Hudgens-pfft. Basically, Alisha’ hard work + talent commands more respect artistically than any machine can produce.

Alisha has a bright future ahead of her. She’s a top 5 local female artist right now and is barely 17! Take the time to follow along and do yourself a favor and get out to her next performance. You’ll thank me on this. Show your support by hitting up her Facebook, Twitter, ReverbNation and/or her website. You’re welcome.

BeEasy!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     -Sonny Flex

The artists will appreciate your feedback and your thoughts are worth the time, so please comment!

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