Savant aka Stanstro

“Feel the flow” –Savant aka Stanstro

A flow like few others. Real talk. Go hit up Rakim… got it? Then Nas… ready? Now hit Lupe… ya wit it yet? Now you can lace up some Savant.

Lyrically, that could be the lineage. If your up on the latest ClearChannel bought, one-hit wonder sponsored dance song, or the latest “Young-Dummy-Wack-Money-Dollarmillionaire”, content absent release, then Savant will probably make your head spin. No offense intended. Well maybe-some offense is intended, but not to you. So, if your up to the task than grab your Beatz/Soul and get plugged in, cuz it’s best when cranked up.

Now that we’re on the same page you’ll understand me a lil’ better. Savant, as a soloist, doesn’t really have anybody round here than is gonna sweat him. Not that I engage in the “best rapper” debate, but you can’t check him on his beats, lyrics, flow, crew or background. Now it becomes subjective.  BUT…. If you can’t get wit Savant then perhaps a little less iHeart is needed in your future. Need proof? Check any of his collab work and you’ll notice each of these worked with, giving Savant his props. Respect

Savant has not only worked hard on his beats + lyrics but has also done as much work staying well-rounded and focused on the things that go along with success. Performance, presence, crowd play, interaction and respect shown to others. His “Swag” is not all glittery-“Twilight” like some others so Savant could be mis-labeled as being low-key. Truth is… Savant doesn’t need gimmicks or fluff because he is already relevant. His style is honed and precise. The root of his swag is his intelligence and confidence, off and on the mic. In short, Savant is not only sure of where he wants to be but is doing what needs to be done to get there.

I’m a fan of many of his tracks but my current fav is “The Lyricist Threemix“. So get on his webs and check the flow in full. Webpage, ReverbNation, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Make sure you tell him Sonny Flex from 8BarsOfFunk sent ya!

BeEasy!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     -Sonny Flex

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