Welcome Back everyone!

We have returned with a new site and a re-newed focus towards the upcoming developing artist.

  • “What’s new?”
    • The website of course. We like the updated feel.
    • New perspective!
    • Along the way we won’t just be focusing on promoting talent but also getting feedback, advice, stories, warnings, points of focus etc from artists that are just one step ahead of where are featured artists are. These little tidbits will be featured special stories to help lend to the overall experience.
  • “What’s the same?”
    • The love
    • Our focus remains to help build, promote, and encourage those that give themselves to music. In short music has room for everyone.
    • The outreach – any artist that is working on their craft deserves some recognition. Share contact information with any up and comer that you know of and we’ll reach out and do the rest.


Be Easy,

-Sonny Flex

The artists will appreciate your feedback and your thoughts are worth the time, so please comment!

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