Jai Thomas

(^Press play, then continue reading below)

“Nothing else feels this good!”

The motto of an unassuming yet extraordinary young man. You wouldn’t know it from walking by him on the street, but he is one of Tucson’s most talented musicians.

I linked up with Jai while he was hosting “Random Acts of Karaoke” at Club Congress located in Downtown Tucson, AZ, and was truly blessed by the time spent.

Random Acts of Karaoke is not as random as you’d think, and is most definitely not your mama and daddy’s karaoke! It is an acoustic set that regularly features some of Tucson’s amazing talent. Kalvin Jarvis, Celena Santa Cruz, and the list goes on.


The stage can be shared by all. I’ve been to the R.A.K a few times and have witnessed virgin singers perform to an appreciative audience. The love was everything any performer, new or old, could hope for.

Monday nights. 9pm. Club Congress 311 E. Congress St 85701

SN: If you haven’t been downtown Tucson lately, go! Its revitalization has been amazing!

“Do you & if it’s nice, do it twice!” -Jai


R.A.K. is but only one incredible facet of Jai’ love for music, and when it comes to life itself… Jai has a unique soul. He is a volcano of energy waiting to explode regardless of medium. Guitar, drums, vocals, vibe, engineer, production. Music is his wheelhouse.

It is self-evident that his father being a DJ made its mark while in the womb, and when “The Isley’s” were introduced post womb residency?!?!… It was a wrap. With a musical range from “La Bamba” to “Maggot Brain” and everything in between, he truly embraces the life of a musician.

Just let him get near an instrument, microphone, stage, etc., and the metamorphosis takes place right before your ears and eyes. Jai is the poster child of an individual who recognized early that music was always going to be his life.

What Jai is doing for the local music scene cannot be put into words. Not even close. The best that can be done is to shine a light on this hard working musician who has earned the acknowledgment.  Listen to him talk about it and you’ll, feel the passion of someone that embraces criticism and follows his heart. It is nearly impossible to be around him and not enjoy the moment.


(^Dare you to listen to this and not begin to sing along)


His advice to the aspiring artist:

“Don’t worry about the $$, true happiness is following your heart, working towards your dream and figuring “it” out. Whatever “it” is, just do it!”


To all those that support local music and enjoy seeing our talent on display make sure to follow Jai and click the links down below. Hard work + talent should always be celebrated and Jai has earned his props. Period.

Be Easy,

-Sonny Flex


p.s. Did I mention self-taught?

To follow Jai:







The artists will appreciate your feedback and your thoughts are worth the time, so please comment!

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