"Being negative takes a lot of energy and i'm too lazy for that." #shortying. That's what is known in the local dance scene as "shortying." A straight out the club, gogo dancing, DJ spinning┬áhomage┬áto enjoying life in one of the coolest mantras ever! It does put an updated twist on "Forgive and Forget," but DJ... Continue Reading →

The Kennedy’s

"Evolve or Die!" - The Kennedys First we had EPMD. Then came Das EFX. Next was Outkast. May I now present: The Kennedys. Click on their name above, cruise their vids, download their songs, take your time I'll be here.... got it yet?! Great now that you're a fan, here's what the music wont tell... Continue Reading →

Hello world!

So with the help of a friend it was decided that my musical outlet should take me into new and exciting paths. In letting go of performing I embraced my love for music by dedicating myself to sharing music that I love and new music that others need to hear. The beauty of music is... Continue Reading →

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